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Value proposition

Spectromatrix delivers compelling value to clients in a number of ways:

  1. The ability to tweak mechanical properties and chemical composition of the material that falls within international standards such as JIS, ASTM and DIN standards. This ensure high material and production efficiency, reduce wastage, and increases material workability for end user.
  2. The capability to offer material simulation, stamping and fabrication advisory through the use of simulation tools and material expertise. This greatly reduces material, stamping and fabrication risks for end users’ new projects. 

SpectroServSM Customer Engagement Process

At Spectromatrix, we understand that customer service matters to you. We strongly believe that the service aspect forms the cornerstone of our business, and is crucial to a worthwhile partnership. Using experience and insight, we were driven by this important key to develop SpectroServSM: a proprietary and innovative service approach to better serve your requirements.

Requirement  Gathering


Sample Submission

Sample Sign-off 


Customer Score-carding

Quality is our LifeLine

As an integral part of our quality commitment and assurance to you, Spectromatrix puts in place relevant documentation to accompany every order shipment, providing you with the traceability and accountability, and putting you at ease when working with a responsible company as us.

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